Zomborgs = Zombies + Cyborgs

Zomborgs were created in the AI Lab of @LimnDigital and are a FoK (First of Kind) cross-platform Project:

Keep reading for info on both Projects, pre-sale, and roadmap.


Project Name: Sliced: Zomborgs
LIVE: Launched Monday, February 21, 2022
144 Editions @ 5 tez
Features: Slice Direction & Zomborgs Sliced
LIVE DEMO Available here

5 randomly chosen Zomborgs are sliced vertically or horzontally and reassembed to form a new "Sliced: Zomborg".

Live Mode console.log() contains info & direct links to the 5 Zomborgs on Objkt.com.

Collectors of the fx(hash) mints will have access to pre-sale discounts on the Objkt tokens.

Follow @LimnDigital on Twitter for info on specific drop time.


Objkt Tokens

Hundreds of AI Portraits and thousands of iterations were culled to 34 Zomborgs minted on Objkt.com.

The remaining Editions in the Collection will be open to the public on Friday, February 25, 2022.
Public price: 5 tez

Prior to that, offers are accepted from holders of "Sliced: Zomborgs" project on fx(hash)...which will be launched Monday, February 21, 2022

Instructions below for how to make an offer.


Instructions for making pre-sale offers

Collectors/Holders of tokens from the fx(hash) project: "Sliced: Zomborgs" have until February 25 (4 days) from the project minting to submit pre-sale offers for the full, high-resolution Zomborgs on Objkt.com.

  1. Open your "Sliced: Zomborg" in Live Mode on fx(hash).
  2. View the console.log() for direct links to the 5 sliced Zomborgs in your edition.
    1. On Mac press “OPTION + COMMAND + J”
    2. On Win press “CONTROL + SHIFT + J”
    3. Or right click and choose “Inspect”
    4. (if these don’t work in your browser, just Google “view console log” for your browser and OS.)
    5. Make sure the “Console” tab is selected.
    6. There you will see information about this Project, names, and links for each of your original Zomborgs on Objkt.com.

Example console.log() below.

consol.log example

Make pre-sale offer on Zomborgs in Objkt Collection

Zomborgs public sale will launch Friday, February 25, 2022. Holders of fx(hash) "Sliced: Zomborgs" can make pre-public-sale offers at 60% discount of the 5 tez public price.

Only 21 editions of each Zomborg are available on first come, first get basis.

  1. Note your "Sliced: Zomborg" mint number.
  2. In the console.log(), click through to the Zomborg token in the Objkt Collection.
  3. Make sure you are using the same TEZOS wallet on both fx(hash) and Objkt.com so it can be verified as the "Sliced: Zomborg" token holder.
  4. Make an offer of 2.0xx, where "xx" is the MINT NUMBER of your "Sliced: Zomborg" on fx(hash).
  5. For Example: If your "Sliced: Zomborg" MINT NUMBER is 42, make an offer of 2.042 tez.
  6. I will verify your wallet holds MINT NUMBER 42 on fx(hash) and accept your offer.


The roadmap for both the fx(hash) "Sliced: Zomborgs" and the "Zomborgs" Collectin on Objkt is still in development.

But new artworks and ideas in the Zomborgs World have already been created.

Collectors and Holders of tokens from both Projects will be rewarded with Airdrops, pre-sale discounts, and other goodies in the future.

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